Photos 2004-2005

  Championnat Genevois - 15-17.04.2005


Overview Corrine and Giorgio Sandrine and François


Fabienne and Thierry Melanie and Yvan Veronique and Denis


Arlette and Philippe Amrita and Herve Evelyne and Kevin


Foglia's Gaelle and Benoit Veronique and Olivier


Eve-Julie and Stephane Patrizia and Michel MD - quarter final


Spectators Podium - MX Podium - LD


Podium - LS Podium - MD Podium - MS


  Swiss Open (Basel) - 20.03.2005


Women's double Women's double Women's double


Mixed double Men's single Men's single


Men's single Men's single Men's double


  Tournoi d'Orbe - 12.12.2004


Sandrine Sandrine Sandrine and Anne


Main view Kerstin and Sandrine Kerstin and Sandrine


Carine François François


Podium MS Podium LS Podium MD Podium LD Podium MX


  Kawasaki Open - 25.10.2004


Carine and Dara Gaelle and Thierry François


Srinath Spectators Corinne and Giorgio


Veronique and Fabrice Thierry and Philippe François and Dara


Valerie Fabienne Dominique and Kevin


Foglia's family Spectators Phuong and Anne


Fabrice and Denis BC Geneve - Organizers


  Tournoi de la Rentrée - 04.09.2004


Nathalie and John Catherine and Jean-Peirre Mouss-Tik


Véronique and Thierry Isabelle and Kevin Corinne and Giorgio


Patrizia and Michel


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