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Geneva International 2014







St. Valentine 2014 and other tournaments






Geneva Championship 2009








Geneva Championship 2008






YONEX Open 2008






Villeneuve 2007


Dima Kevin and Henri Masha and Alexei


Sandrine and Evelyne Masha Sandrine Winners - LS


Winners - MS Winners - MD Winners - MXD


Winners - LD Alexei and Dima How could I play left hand? Is it magic or Photoshop?


What made this match so interesting for spectators? Who is this "new face of YONEX"?


Collombey-Muraz 2007






Tournoi de la Rentrée 2005


Sandrine and Alexei Sandrine and Alexei Sandrine and Alexei


Sandrine Our fans Dima


Masha and Dima Sandrine and Alexei Masha and Dima - 2 place


Masha Sandrine and Alexei Masha




Hall François and Matthiue François and Matthiue


François and Matthiue Handshake Dara (Calvin), Kerstin and Alexei


St. Valentine 2005


François François Alexei Alexei


Alexei Melinda, Alexei, Shook-Pui Alexei and Dmitri


Elena, François, Dmitri


Trelex 2004


Trelex 2004 - 1st place Trelex 2004 - 2nd place Trelex 2004 - 3rd place


Trelex 2004 - group photo


Trelex 2003





Geneva Championship 2003




Trelex 2002




St. Valentine 2002









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