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Barbeques 2011 - 2014








"Pivada" party - 11.03.2006


Masha and Dima An-Wen Sandrine Masha and Dima


Henri Colone Tejas Masha, Alexei and Melinda





"End of the  season" party - 02.07.2005


Our team  Henri, François, Kerstin, Helena  François and Kerstin


Sandrine and Alexei  Sandrine and Alexei


Dmitri  Sandrine, Henri, François, Alexei  Sandrine, François, Alexei


Alexei  Henri, François, Kerstin, Helena  Our group


Our group  Masha and Kerstin  Alexei and Masha



"Curling" evening - 19.11.2004


Coach is explaining how to play  Coach is explaining how to play  Sandrine


Henri  Good shot of the "yellow" team  Alexei


Kerstin and Sandrine






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